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This page is part of a larger update of all my pages, and I'm running out of time (and patience).
So what is mainly here is a huge collection of Maclinks and a couple of xxx-pics of my BigMac ;-)


The Pages

Short description of what you can find on the pages

MacLinks Page

My extensive Mac links collection, with links to just about anything, and everything you can think of to do with a Mac. And maybe a couple of things you hadn't thought of ;-)

Scandinavian Maclinks

A small collection of danish, swedish and norwegian Mac links

MiskMac Links

A collection of, hmmm...yeah well, MiskMac

BicMac Page

As promised, 2 xxx-pics of BicMac. The reason for this is that inside my beloved Mac IIfx , there's a loose cord (or wire) floating around, and no one seems to know what it's for. So please have a look, and if you have an idea of what it's supposed to and where it's supposed to go, please let me know

MacPlus Page

A schematic of the inside of a MacPlus. I case you have one and would like to upgrade it to 4 mb ram

Pages to come


I have a couple of ideas. One is the WhyMac page, which I intend to fill with small stories about what these PeeCees, that my friends have, sometimes do, things, that my Mac would never do to me. If you have some stories like that, it would be nice if you could mail them to me
Definetly there will also be more Mac Graphics, like backgrounds, and maybe some pics of my Macs


Some nice places I like to go

MacBadges, a really nice place, with bunches of these small Mac logos

Well, more celtic than Mac, actually, but interesting anyway. Only thing really Mac there is this little MacMade, which I don't think that I was supposed to take, but I simply just couldn't resist it. Free Celtic graphics and a font

The ultimate MacMade place, tons of MacMades


The other pages:

Boutique Kragehoej
Kragehoej Postcards
Neptune Woodworkshop
Cy's Corner

The Backdoor
Tina's Page
Where & What
Other Tinas
All Bookmarks
The Xmas-page
The Garden







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