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Hi, and welcome to my TinaLinks page
Updated february 3rd 1999


I've been looking at so many other links pages, and people have links to this and that. Looong pages with links and links and links. Well, I actually like those long links pages, but boy it would bore me to make another one just like those. And why should I, they're already done.
(And now I've actually done it after all, it's here

So, I got this idea, and here it is, a page with links only to other Tinas. Quite unique I think.
How I found them? Simply did a search with my favorit search engine

A surprisingly big number of the Tinas it came up with had something to do with porn. You won't find any of those here. And no, no Tina Kjær either. Just a bunch of more or less unknown Tinas. Oh, -and a Bob came sneaking in ;-)

Tina Tinglessen Porfingles
Go see The gordious Warrior Woman Tina, her husband, Pewfell Porfingles, the Celtic Warrior, Theophalus Testacle, Fug The Barbarian, And many more.
This site is very heavy on graphics, but still very worth visiting, especially if you like comics. Fast server though, so if you have ISDN or something, it might not be that bad.


TinaBina's Page
Can't say that much yet as she's still constructing, but it seems to get to be an interesting site. Especially I'm looking forward to the JunkDrawer and the UrbanLegends. Very Nice design. Oh, and she made a link back here. Nice Tina. Funny, when I was a child, I was also called TinaBina.

tiNa's =D
A very funny girl, -though one more "not really a Tina", I'd say she qualify just fine. Oh, and she did say pleeeeaaaasssseeeee. I think she might be a cartoonager, but I'm not sure, she could also be a real cartoon, though she doesn't look like one. She's reconstruncting, but I think still worth a visit.

Tina's Garden
An interesting place. Still under construction the last time I visited, but lots of different links, and a good deal of poems written by Tina and her friends. These pages also contains something about gardening, fairies, crafting, pets and there are links to virtual postcards.

Rock 'til you Drop
This is the StatusQuo homepage. If anyone can tell me why it turned up in my Tina search, please do. But since it did, and since I like their music...

Christine Bowers Website
Well, she isn't really a Tina, but she claims to be, so I let her in. She's doing web design.

Tina Ketch
A true seeker, and a very beatiful designed page. She's making candles and she writes, -mostly about NewAge and related stuff.

The Children's Art Gallery
Run by a Tina. She's a norwegean art teacher, and the page contains art done by children and some photos of the creators. There are links to childrens organisations.


Tina's World
Links to and something about: GaryGrant, DeanKoontz, ScoobyDoo, MacConnection, AnimalWelfare, and some links to the bored people.

This girl is pretty. I don't know who she is, but someone proudly presents her as their Tina.

Tina Karelson as Andromeda
Something really spacy about that place.

Tina Vest
Like books? This Tina has some for sale.

Tina Kewy Irsa
A very young Tina, but even though, she might have found some answers to some of the very hard questions of life. I'm looking forward to the baby picture!


Tina The Hurricane
Tinas comes in many shapes and forms, here's a hurricane named Tina. No kidding, check it out for yourself.

Tina The Sorceress
Scary and beautiful. Check the link back to Bloodlust Graphic Design, some pretty cool stuff there. Seems the sorceress is this guys wife.

Maybe I'm stupid, or maybe it's just because I don't know the game, -I simply can not figure out what's going on in this place. And even though I looked around for a while, I never found the connection to the Tina.

Visual Imagery
Weird place, -about jewelry and dreams. Some pretty nice things, -and, there is a Tina, just look around a bit and you'll find her.

 Tina's Exquisite Homepage
Here's another danish Tina. She' got a Master Degree in astronomy. Besides there's something about and links to: Music, StarTrek and RolePlaying


Christina Nichols
One more of the "not really a Tina, but..." She's got some mythological artwork, check it out.

Tina's Dolls
In to dolls? Go visit this Tina

Tina's New and Improved Page
She says it's boring. Maybe she's bored, -got some pretty weird links on there.

Marchand's Home Page
This is not at all a Tina, but a Bob, -The King of Bobs right hand actually. Wonder what he's doing here? Well, he sort of demanded to get on this page, and he's a great defender of the Tina's of the world. Kinda weird too, so go check his page out, get a little rest from all the Tina's.


And that's about it for now (until I've checked the rest of the some 100.000 Tinas). If you know a Tina or two, and if she/they have a nice homepage, please mail me the URL so I can check and see if they're going up here, when I'm doing the next update.