Slip and fall

A little slip
Then pull back up
Back onto even ground
Then slip again
But twice the fall
And up again - but less.

Time in between
Life looks okay
Perhaps a turnaround?
Another slip
Shatters the hope
The fall steeper this time.

How did I get
Into this pit?
Thought it was just a phase
But days turned into weeks
then months
When will it ever end?

Must pull myself
Out of this slump
Before it is too late
Turn it around
Back to even ground
And start building again.

About Kimba
My dear friend Kim, reflecting real life problems.

I met her around 1996. I can't remember where it was, but she was looking for some help to set up a couple of computers for her children, and I just happened to be able to help her out. We've been talking ever since.

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