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First encounter

Since my early teens I've known that astrology is something else and more than what can be read in newspapers and magazines. I also was quite sure, that some day I was going to have a real chart done.

"Destiny" made it that I, by the age of 20, met a girl, who had learnt a bit about astrology from her mother. Just enough for her to, -having a beginners astrology book in her hand, calculate and interprete a chart.
Even with that limited knowledge, I was impressed by the amount of information she was able to get from the strange signs on the drawing of my chart, and just a few days later, I had to go buy my own astroloy book.

Since then, astrology has been by my side, and in those first years, my family, and almost everybody else I happened to get in touch with, had to put up with me and my "calculating". Soon I realized, that an astrology beginners book wasn't enough and I signed up for an astrological education. Circumstances, coincidences and other stuff crossed my way, and I dropped out, -never got the exam.

I got busy with something else, and for some years astrology faded a bit, but always somehow lurking in the back of my head. I couldn't really stop tracing the planets as they moved across the sky, and though I tried to explain a lot of things, - by calling them "coincidences", it became more and more obvious to me that astrology couldn't be ignored or signed of as superstition.

My astrological début now is some 20 years back in time, and as the years have gone by, it has come to be a bigger part of my life.
Ever since I was a child, friends and more or less accidental acquaintances have asked for my advice on almost anything, and this is the part of my life, where astrology really has proven it self.
With the chart in front of me, I can give people the advices they need, taking the starting point within their own personality, and their own thoughts and feelings, instead of within me and my experience of life.



Astrology is workmanship

Back then, when I started my astrological journey, all calculations had to be done "by hand". We had huge books, listing the planets placement, day by day, and we had to use logarithms and anti-logarithms for calculating the planets placement at the exact time of birth. Listing and calculating a chart was a task of several hours.
Now we have the computer, which takes care of that in a few seconds, -a real blessing. And, also a bit of a curse in some ways, one of them being astrology.

In these computer-times a chart can often mean a 25-50 pages computer-printed description of the planets placement at the time you were born.
These "charts" are made in just a few minutes and they are not taking base in your indvidual story of life. It's just sort of a "draft" that the astrologer can use for his or hers final interpretation.

The chart is a map, showing the journey of your life and your personality, the interpretation is a big task, and it takes something the computer (nor the beginners book) can do. It takes human insight and communication between you and the astrologer.

If you are curious about the influence of the stars and planets in your life and personality, then have a real chart done, by a real, alive astrologer. Computer-printet charts may be a good "taster" and/or entrance, -though in my experience, most people seems to be just confused by them. Well, I have already sad it, -they take only few minutes to make, and they don't take any insight what so ever. You shouldn't pay more than some 15 $ for such a "chart".



 Do you have a problem?

To have a chart done by a professional astrologer can easily cost you around 200 $. That's a lot of money, some might even call it expensive. Elaborating and interpreting a chart is very time consuming, 10 hours is not an unsual amount of time to use, and added is the 1-3 hours talking about it. Having that in mind, I don't think it's expensive.
But it is a lot of money.

I never could afford having my chart done, and I know, that there are lots of others who can't afford it either.

Money are wonderful, -if you have enough of them, but they can also be a bit of a curse if you don't have any.

This is why I previously, on these pages have offered free advice. My thoughts about this haven't changed, and I've had a lot of exciting and intense conversations, gotten friends and a wonderfull insight in people's minds and lives all over the world. Thank you.

The free AstroAdvice has been a succes, and from time to time I've been so busy that I couldn't keep up with it and it made me feel bad that I couldn't live up to my promises. I've probably also been exploited, menaing, that some of the people accepting a free advice probably could have paid if they wanted to. Mostly though, it's been fun and I've had a lot of thanksfullness.

As already said, my thought about this haven't changed, but I've found other things to do, and I had to stop offering free advice. However, if you really do have a problem, and you really have no way to pay, or live in a place from where money transfers is a hassle or even cost more than what I charge for advice, Mail me and let's see if we can figure out something.

Those who asked for a free advice before October 1st, 2000, will of course get their advice, but I have no idea about the time frame as of now.

I can NOT: Tell you when you'll meet the white prince, neither when you're going to win a million dollars.
But I might be able to give you good advice if you're at a difficult place in your life. If you're at a crossroad and don't know which direction to take.
I can NOT: Offer you a free astrological consultation with a complete analysis of your chart. I simply don't have the time (or the money).
But I can help you choose and I can tell you which way the wind blows, if you're at a turning point.

I need to know your birthday, birthtime and place of birth. I also need to know where you live now, and the time and place from where you are sending your question(s).

There can be up till two months waiting time, but if you have a problem that needs a more immediate answer, please do try anyway, I might be able to squeeze you in some where.



Astrology on the net

There are lots of astrology online, as web-sites, -professional, scientific, personal, and as mailing-lists for all kinds of astrological taste, direction and level of experience. Mailing-lists exists in several languages, -mostly english. There's an updated list with instructions on the link page




So, this is the first major update on the AstroPlace. I've written a bit about how I met astrology and about my view on the subject. I could go on for days about this, and still forget something. If you have an idea about what you'd like to see on the AstroPlace, mail me.


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