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Neptune Woodworkshop

Flower box

Garden Rammer

For your summer flowers
Made from Douglas plywood and pine 65 x 65 cm, height 60 cm

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For ramming paths in the kitchen garden, for levelling before laying foundations, before establishing a terrace, and much more.

This model is made from pine and ash, with mahoghany handles. Tarred roofing felt on the bottom.

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b/ Machinecarpenter and Woodturner
Dennis Wilstrup
Pederstrup Bygade 19
8560 Kolind
Ph. 045 86 364100


Mini Quadrapod 

A piece of old english tradition
for the garden. For roses or other climbing flowers

This version is made from pine,
about 3 meters high
and 1 x 1 meter in the ground plan

 This model produced for CountrySideLiving
Where you can see how nice they look in the garden

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For the smaller gardens

Height 150 cm, made of pine.
For beans, peas, cucumbers or other climbing vegetables.

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