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Neptune Woodworkshop carries out restoration, reconditoning and production of furnitures, and also various forms of hand woodturning.

Neptune Woodworkshop is a small firm that, with great respect for traditional workmanship, takes effort in developing the customers own ideas and to take time necesary to nurture the details.

At Neptune Woodworkshop you can order that small, beutifully turned piece, that's missing on grandfathers clock, new parts for the horse carriage, a single baluster for your banister, or perhaps a piece of furniture built especially for that particular spot in the living room or in the garden.

Or, in lesser words, just about everything else than what's produced by the massindustry.

No assignment is too small.

Here's a small tour through Denmark, to illustrate the location of the workshop

b/ Machinecarpenter and Woodturner
Dennis Wilstrup
Pederstrup Bygade 19
DK-8560 Kolind
Ph. +45 86 364 100