Sunset Born er blevet til en sang, du kan høre lidt af den i Cy's Hjørne

Sunset Born is now a song, you can hear a snip from it in Cy's Corner


Sunset Born

Sunset born
In a stormy, starless night
Old voices blowing trees around
Child of a fullmoon, city-kid
Flaming shadows in her inner circles
Shows the picture of a living beast
She's going to kill it

And she'll gather and old ring of warriors from the legacy of her ancestors
They'll be coming from every tale in time

In darkness
Looking for her flame of love
Searching gloomy corners of the city
Leading stars in the sky, look up
Can't see through glittering city-lights
Almost realising the ancient spell
She wants to get out

Until she finds her way 'round the circle, she'll be wandering, suffering, yearning
She'll find advise in the beginning of time

Watch her
Standing between two worlds
In the twilight zone she saw me
Wondering how to get through
Neonflashes nearly blinded her eyes
I know she's coming to get me
She's gonna win the game

For she'll be using a night filled with magic not squandering moments
The struggle was short, my end of time

© Tina Holm 1988

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