Facing Darkness

Dawn, the breakin' of day and sunrise nearby.
And I'm still here at sunset, - there's the whole night to go through:
Facing the darkness of night.

See I made a trip and crossed the ocean.
I was met by the smell of burnt gasoline, - once more out in city-streets.
I saw the trashcan-queen, - searching for todays booze.
And four feet away, - a man says:
Give me money for milk and bread.

I hear babies crying and I am thinking:
Could I do something about it ?

Then a mirror of thoughts prevents my action.
I'm back here at sunset, still with my night to go through.
Facing the darkness of night.

See I made this trip and crossed the ocean.
I met the she-keeper of ancient jewellery, - she guarded her treasure well.
On the edge of nowhere, - stood and wondered now.
This world around me, - it whispered a cry:
So afraid living, can not die.

I hear babies crying and I am thinking:
Could I do something about it ?

Now the middle of night, starlight's passing by.
Looking back at my sunset, the longest night, - can I come through ?
Facing the darkness of night.

Going to make another trip, cross another ocean.
Out searching the foggy shore for my home, the ocean shows it's teeth.
Lost in memory, loosing luggage, - the old woman is there.
Little bird is whistling:
She's so afraid dying, she can not live.

I hear babies crying and I am thinking:
Could I do something about it ?

Misty morning light and the sunrise nearby.
Longing for a new sunset, came safe out through this night.
Faced the darkness of night.

For this, the last meeting I wont cross an ocean.
The last one, the father of endless dreams, - I hope to meet him here.
At the village bus-stop, clean and frosty air.
He'll laugh and say:
You're so afraid living, but you dare not die.

Still hearing babies cry and still I'm thinking:
Could I do something about it ?

© Tina Holm

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I can't remember exactly when I wrote this, but I think it was sometime around 1993, and it's inspired by a trip across the country to Copenhagen, the capitol of, and the largest city in Denmark.

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