As the sun is setting,
the grey clouds stealing the colors of life from my view,
I notice a traveler matching my steps,
seeing what I see,
equally disappointed in the failure of life's color.

Each line in my face was reflected in his,
how could that be?

Come now, you can't hide from me.

I've been there.

From the first thought,
the first chase of the cockroaches.

I know every crush you've had, and every crushing blow.

Even when you wouldn't admit to yourself,
tried to lie and cheat, or steal some happy thought,

I was there, learning, watching, recording,
and somehow I would ALWAYS know.

© Aaron Wedemeyer 2000

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Latest poem from Aaron. He's been feeding these pages well since we first met on the Athena mailinglist almost 3 years ago now. We've been exchanging thoghts, poems and more, and a lot has happened during those 3 years, gains and losses, smiles and tears, and now he's also become a father (well, that must be about a year ago by now, but hey, the world evolves a bit slower when there are no kids around :-)). Very soon there will be a nice little pic of him and his family at the Friends page, -from last Christmas...
Unless of course he sends me a newer one ;-)

If you like this poem and want to encuorage Aaron to write more poems for me to put up here, or just want to say hello, you can reach him at his email address below.

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