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Welcome to FolkPoetry

In this part of Nehaia you'll find poems, thoughts and other stuff, that I, or some of my worlwide friends have written. And a couple of links to more Poetry.

What about you?

What do you have lying in the bottom of the desk drawer?
Some poems, some thoughts, some love, or maybe some artwork.
Would you like the world to see?
(Well, maybe not the whole world, but at least those who stops at this tiny webcorner)

Mail me a poem and I'll put it up here, along with your name (of course), your email address, an URL to your homepage, and, -if you like, maybe a photo of you or your cat.

Now, use the links to the left, to have a look at what I found while searching some of my friends' deskdrawers.

Your own site at FolkPoetry@Nehaia?

Are you writing a lot? Wnat a place to show it to the world? Is one poem on a single page not enough? Don't give a damn about html, php, asp, graphic software and other web-technicalities? Don't have time and energy for handling a homepage of your own?

There's hope. Mail me some samples of your writings. If I like what I read, am in a good mood, or if someone painted the day blue (you probably guessed it by now - if it somehow suits me), you can have your own "site" here. Do not write me if you're not seriuosly in need of some writing space.

dansk tak

 Coz in Nehaia

It was nice to find this beach,

On a lovely Summer's Day;

I'll have a look around...

Perhaps it's here I'll stay.

© Coz 2000

On my birthday, I recieved this reponse to my Nehaia poem. Later came a nice piece of artwork, which you can view here (265k)

Email Cozmo


The green and foggy waterworld, at the shoreline of Nehaia

Where the lights of love and the bright and shiny sun varms my body

This foggy,weightless body, trapped in the midst of green seaweed,
- swaying seaweed, escaping my touch

Where my passion lies on the beach, below the sun,
- the sun, bright and warming up the sand, for me ,for my body

My body, longing for the weightlessness, the seaweed, the fog,
- longing for the mind

© Tina Holm 2000

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