I Don't Want To Hear About Your Ex-Boyfriends

As a man I walk this path alone
I look for love under rocks and stones

When I find someone who is sweet and kind
My heart yearns that this is the time

I have met many women short and tall
In the spring and in the fall

Their beauty shines like the stars above
And I always hope we will fall in love.

But I've met so many with a tale to tell
About men who have made their life pure hell.

I feel concerned, but only so much I can
For the past does not concern this man

I don't understand why they are stuck
On faces old and times that struck

I say to them, I'm not like those guys
If you looked inside me, you'd find a surprise

But the women who are girls don't see this in me
And leave me alone, like a great old tree

Time and time again I see this trend
And it makes it hard to be my friend

I don't want to hear about your lovers of the past
I do not care about love that does not last

The only real love lasts out our life
When two meet and become husband and wife

All I say to you girls is this
All I wanted was a kiss

To share my life with a woman who is strong
But about you I see I have been wrong

We've all had times that are rough
These things in life make us tough

I know some men have treated you bad
But if you let them, then you cannot be mad

Unless you were held against your will
You had the right to leave, and you have that still

Don't begin the chase
Unless you can welcome my embrace

We must love ourselves first
Before the love of another can quench the thirst.

So when the next man comes along
Please don't sing the same old song

Be honest and be true
And one day, I'm sure

True love will find you

©2000 Erick Ritchie

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It's been a while since Erick sent me this poem. A long while actually, some six months or so, but back then, this was his latest. Sorry Erick, will write you soon to say hello.

Anyway, -lotsa hugs to Erick who was the one who started the idea of is place, when he posted his NewYearPoem on the Athena mailing list.

If you want know more about Erick, you can reach him via email.


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