To Confiscation at The Border

By all accounts and reasonings,
light and dark are two sides of the same coin.

But the deeper I go into my heart
the more certain I am
that only the LIGHT really exists:
the rest are fleeting shadows.

When we, or those around us, seem to be choosing the shadows,
perhaps it is only so that the SUN will feel that much warmer
when we step into its light again.

Craving the intensity of roller coaster rides,
what could be a bigger rush than to go from
LIGHT to SHADOW and back to LIGHT again?

It sure beats watching T.V.
This also is Tantra.

Metaphysical drama junkies:
thats what we are!
The ultimate drama of leaving home and returning,
again and again,
always the same,
but never in the same way.

If we really wanted to stay home,
I guess we would.
Its undignified for a committed traveller
to always be whining that they wished they were sitting quietly at home.
Have a little self respect.

But jeez! some people sure have a big appetite for shadows!
Even if your taste for shadows eventually destroys this dream body,
its back to the light we will go.
There really is nowhere else.

Eventually we will get bored with this and move on to something else.
Another universe, another set of rules, millennia upon millennia of juicy gossip
and plot twists.
There is no end to it.

Its good to have vacations, though,
just resting in the light and recharging,
slipping back into Oneness, but not quite,
and then at the last moment diving down again into manifestation.
Metaphysical drama junkie deep sea pearl divers!
That's what we are!

© Dante Rosati


I know, this one has been here for a long time now, but I simply can't get myself to take it down, I love it! 

A very thoughtfull and suggestive poem, -or should I say "writing on the wall" from Dante Rosati. Also found on the Athena mailing list. I told you before, if you're into astrology, healing, shamanism or stuff like that, check this list out.

I don't know that much about Dante, but he has a page out there, with more poems. Check it out.

You can mail Dante at this address:

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