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2nd edition


There hasn't been all that many changes since the 1st edition of the GraphicsPage.

Still no tips and tricks, but quite a bit new backgrounds, a new art gallery, and a few changes in the design, -it should be easier to get around in the graphics section now.

I had to give up on My old BigMac, a IIfx from 1991, and a somewhat newer model has moved in. It's QuadMac, a Quadra 800 from 1993, and Photoshop 2.5 has been replaced by 3.0.1.

The link pages hasn't been updated, but I'm working on it.

I've done some backgrounds that you can download, and use for your own web pages. The backgrounds are all linkware, -meaning that if you use them, you'll have to "pay" by making a link back here.Sometime in the nearest future there will be a linkpage for those who links to this page, so if you are using one or more of my backgrounds, and have provided a link back, please email me, so that your link can get on the page.

Astrological backgrounds and sidebars.

KPT is for KaisPowerTools, and all these backgrounds was made with KPT filters in Photoshop 2.5

Yeah well, sidebars :-) Also some KPT stuff in here.

Tina's personal backgrounds and sidebars

Miscallaneous stuff, from the harddrive, the scanner, the camera, and much more.

Something new has been born, a virtual art gallery, -for virtual art. As of now there's just one exhibitor, but I hope to find some more later, and perhaps it can grow to be like a FolkArt Place, -something like my FolkPoetry Place So, if you have something, hidden away in a virtual desk drawer, and if you would like to show it to the worldemail me But please don't attach any files before we've talked about it.

Cozmo's gallery, with great and very different pieces, a lot of them built from fractals.

A collection of links to other graphics sites. One very exceptional site gets a graphical link right here.
AndyArt is a great place with lots of tips and tricks, and some free stuff too. And the site itself is an artpiece.

(AndyArt actually has a new name, but I liked the old one better, also the button, and the link still works)

The Graphics Ring, - Links to other sites with graphics

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