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This is the 3rd edition of Tina'sPage

I'm still using ClarisHomepage when making homepages on my beloved but very old BigMac. PageSpinner is deleted from the harddrive for good. I've been trying out another program, Freeway I had great expectations for it, but in the long run I found it a bit to difficult to work with. But it's the only DTP like wysiwyg html-editor, running on 68k Macs. So, if you have one of those, and would like to have more options than Claris offers, it might worth a try. Both programs can be downloaded in fully working 30 day trial versions from their homepages.


About me


And this is where the old pic was. I had planned to let it stay, but in the last minute, I found "new" one and changed my mind. It's a bit to big to fit here, and since I didn't want to cut or scale it, you'll have to click here to see it

Wanna know more? Then I'm very pleased to announce the Where & What page, where you can see and read more about Where we live and - What we do

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Mac and Graphic links have moved to the MacPlace and the GraphicsPage, and there are a lot more of both kinds, than there were here. Have a nice tour.



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