Dansk tak

A couple of pages about daily life in, and around our house in Pederstrup, Djursland, in Denmark. If you'd like to see more exactly where we live, you can take a small tour through Denmark to Pederstrup and the house.

And so, what do we actually do here, onThe Nose of Jutland

Let's start very close to the ground, the garden. We grow everything as organic as possible, meaning no pesticides and stuff, and no un-organic fertilizer. The garden pages isn't much yet, but there's a couple of pics from right now (march 2000, -not exactly a pretty sight), and a collage with pics from last summer.

Next there's Boutique Kragehoej, from where I primarily sell clothes, that I sew, design og handpaint. Usually I also have a bit of dried flowers, dekorations, and organically grown herbal tea, and plants for the garden.

And Neptune Woodworkshop, where Dennis works with wood in different ways. Like hand turning, manufacturing and restoration of furnitures

The house itself isn't exactly new, and neither as neat as we would like. But we're working on it, and some pics should turn up sometime later. In just a short while though, (I hope :-)) you should be able to take a walk around the house in the snow (at least the pics finally got developed :-))

But we're not just in Pederstrup, we also are in Nehaia, our web home. As you might have read elsewhere, King Neptune lives in his castle at the bottom of the ocean, -outside the shoreline of Nehaia.

Here's a poem about Nehaia, which takes us a bit further, and away from the ground. All the way to the stars actually, and even further out into "Cyberspace"

Because I also work with astrology. You can read about that on the AstroPlace, and here's a collection of Astrology links

The latest addition is Nehaia-Web. The pages are under construction, so if you want to know more about pricing for web design, and the possibilities in Nehaia-Web Hostel, send an email to The WebMrs

Also on the draft, and as a free service from Nehaia-Web, is CountrySide Shops, a webring for small companies, shops, workshops etc., located in the countryside of Denmark.

Last, but not least, is our friends, of which you'll find a few on the web.